Terms and standards of use

This website is presented as is. Visit this site and outside links at your own risk.

This website is un-moderated.

Users of this site are asked to register before commenting.

Users are encouraged to post using your real name, since anything worth saying is worth owning up to.

This is not a ‘highbrow’ intellectual type blog. It is for real, fully informed people wishing to bring their common sense and common courtesy to a  forum inviting of respectful and intelligent discussion and debate.

As such, I ask you to refrain from personal attacks and overtly offensive language. Please keep themes suitable for general audiences and respectful of other’s opinions even when they differ from your own.

The perspectives and opinions reflected in this blog are those of the users and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this blog’s administrator.

Please do not spam our audience with your products or services. You may certainly include highly relevant links to outside information if you genuinely feel such links contribute meaningful context to the discussion. Anything deemed spam will be removed.

By accessing and posting on this site, you agree to that all material you contribute is your own original content.  Any content deemed an infringement will be removed. This website is viewable by a global audience, meaning your original content will be accessible by others and there are no guarantees as to how it may be accessed or whether or how it may be thereafter used by others.

By accessing and posting on this site, you agree to comply with these posting standards. Prohibited matter will result in entire posts being removed if and when it is discovered or reported and could result in being banned from using the site.

Thank you for accepting these standards. They are common sense guidelines intended to help maintain a civil environment of meaningful exchange. I look forward to learning from your perspective.


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